To attract new-comers to the project BattleHashes, we have created a system of rewards that are paid from the resources spent by players in our game. From 0.5 % to 1% is supposed to be sent to the person who brought the player on a special reference. The number of such players is not limited. The reference assigns the entering player, who has played at least once, to the person who invited him or her to the BattleHashes site.
The more detailed information about rewards on referral programm is placed below.
The programme is really suitable for those who have their own blog/video blog, sites coneerning cryptocurrency or various social pages are aimed at a big audience. Payments are made at the end of each month by cryptocurrency spent by the player. They are not limited. Every time the reward , you are supposed to receive, doesn’t depend on the result or the game, so it doesn’t matter whether the player has won or lost.
Some dynamic rules are included in the referral programm:

1 - The developers of BattleHashes platform have made a decision that a reward might be increased from 0.5 % to 1% the detailed information will be published in the official sources of twitter and discord.
2 – The player is assigned to the referrer for 15 days after the first game, if on the expiry of 15 days, the player doesn’t participate in a single game or changes the referrer, the percentage of the game is passed on to a new referrer. Providing the player moves to BattleHashes without the reference within 15 days after the first game and participates in the game, the first referrer keeps the percentage for another 15 days.
3 – The referrer receives his interest and it doesn’t matter whether the player has lost or won.
4 – Rewards on referral programm are received till the 10th of the next month following the current one (exact dates are shown on referrer’s personal file you). Also should clarify the sum of minimum payment for each coin.
5 – Apply to the administrator in official discord to get an access to the referral programm.

For sign in and get login/password you can talk with administrator in discord group

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