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BattleHashes is decentralised play system on Blockchain.

First of all this is a unique project designed for new and absolutely transparent games between players.
Most games of chance or lottery playgrounds have great disadvantages :
1 – Lack of transparency at important stages where uncertain algorithms making this or that card or dice fall.
2 – Necessary registration, Indication of personal data and lack of anonymity.
3 – If this project is on Blockchain, it more often uses only its own token or coin to accept stakes. BattleHashes system has chosen quite fast Blockchain to participate in the game.
At the moment they are Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ravencoin. Unlike heavy Bitcoin where transactions are sometimes delayed for more than 24 hours, these networks make all transactions very fast.

The BattleHashes ground doesn’t use any ICO, doesn’t collect any money through crowdfunding , doesn’t sell either coins or tokens.

Each player receives:
1 – anonymity
2 – security
3 – fair play
4 – 100% access on-line
5 – unlimited number of users and as a result, a fantastic reward
6 – high-quality and intuitively dear-interface
7 – coins available at almost all the crypto currency exchange are accepted
8 – fast transactions to winners
9 – support on discord channel

Anyone can enter a game that starts every 5 minutes, the number of players is not limited, the winner is chosen with the help of the unified mathematical formula , which is applied to the hashcode of the transaction.

For example:
Player 1 chooses Dogecoin cryptocurrency and press the button “play the game”, enter Dogecoin wallet address to receive a reward in case of victory. After that the player is given the unique, Dogecoin address so that you can send 1,300 DOGE to participate in the game. While it being sent, BlockChain Dogecoin creates such a reliable transaction hashcode that is impossible either to fake or guess. After the first confirmation of the network Dogecoin, you automatically enter the game.
Let’s look carefully at the example of hashcode: fe91a84a067a68535a94e3b153c165a87db790f391d0d01972266a0ad5ea64ee this code can contain from 0 to 9 figures and also small letters abcdef. Our algorithm replace letters with figures in the following order.
a – is replaced with the first found figure in the hashcode from left to right
b – is replaced with the second found figure in the hashcode from left to right
c – is replaced with the third found figure in the hashcode from left to right
d – is replaced with the fourth found figure in the hashcode from left to right
e – is replaced with the fifth found figure in the hashcode from left to right
f – is replaced with the sixth found figure in the hashcode from left to right
After that we get a set of the figures, sum them up, that comes to 301.

Figure 301 competes with the other participants whose sum of figures are different. As a result, the one whose figure is bigger wins.
After the victory within 1 minute the winner receives 85% of the gamebank. Suppose, there are 10 players, it means that 11,050 DOGE goes to the winner minus the expenses for the network Dogecoin transaction.
15% of the gamebank that remain in BattleHashes system, are intended for support and development and also for our investors and referral system.
BattleHashes game is completely transparent, all transactions can be checked on your own on explorer Litecoin, Dogecoin or Ravencoin.

Good luck with your game!

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BattleHashes - Decentralized game system on BlockChain. 2019.