I have made transaction during the game, but it failed to come. Can I have my money back?
1 – Make sure how much you have to pay in order to participate in the game. The sum of transaction is equal to the sum of participation LTC = 0.15, DOGE = 1300, RVN = 70
2 – If your transaction is less than minimum sum that needs to be paid, you have to make a request through the official discord to have your money back. Get ready to give the necessary information about the number of transaction, the wallet address which you sent your money to end from. You are supposed to have your money back within 72 hours minus transaction charge.
3 – If your transaction failed to get in the current game, you will automatically participate in the next one.

How many transaction are possible during the game ?
The number of transactions is not limited on condition that each transaction should be equal the minimum sum of participation LTC = 0.15, DOGE = 1300, RVN = 70

Can we play on several tables at the game time ? Litecoin and Dogecoin ?
Of course you can.

Can I send a double stake by one transaction ?
Theoratically, you can, but there is no sense in it. There can be only one unique number of transaction as Blockchain can put a lot of transfers in one transaction. Thus, you might miss your chance of winning.

How long do I have to wait for the reward ?
Usually, the reward is sent within 1 minute, thought it depends on a specific network of Blockchain.

Suppose, my transaction is more than the minimum sum ?
The game takes place, but you won’t be able to get your excess money that you have sent to BattleHashes platform.

Do I have to be registered for the game in BattleHashes ?
No, you don’t. You can use any nicknames and choose any icons, the game is absolutely anonymous.

I am developer and represent cryptocurrency. How can I add a new coin or token to your platform ?
Fill in the form and BattleHashes administrator is sure to get in touch with you.

Why have you chosen Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ravencoin for your game ?
The reason for choosing these networks is that their loading capacity is very high, transaction charges are low, besides they are very popular.

Where I can find further information about referral BattleHashes programm ?

How is the winner chosen ?
The choice of the winner is absolutely transparent and static.

Does BattleHashes always have the winner ?
Yes, it does. Anyway, if there is a game, there is its winner.

Can there be more than one winner and what happens in this case ?
Yes, it’s possible. It does happen, but very rarely. In this case the reward is divided among the winners in equal parts.

Do you know the reason why the timer doesn’t indicate the start of a new game and in additition to it, the results of game are not shown ?
Try renewing the page.

What happens if the time is up, and I am the only person playing ?
The game comes to a halt waiting for new players. As soon as a new player has entered the game, the timer will be automatically set for 5 minutes.

How often are games in BattleHashes held ?
One game is timed for 5 minutes. According to the rule there should be two or more players.

Does BattleHashes game have its own token or ICO ?
No, it doesn’t.

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